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I have a situation that seems to be stumping everyone. For well over a year we have been experiencing multiple broadband dropouts. These almost always occur between 17.00 and midnight. BT engineers have confirmed there is no issue within the property and finally last week we had a senior open each engineer investigate. He went through everything and confirmed there is is no problem with our line, there is no issue fromREIN, he spoke to a number of engineer help desks who all agreed there are multiple drop outs but simply no reason for them. In his words it’s almost like someone turns a switch on and off. They always last a maximum of 3 minutes.

He instigated a lift and shift and asked BT to send a new SH2 as he thought that was worth a try. Unfortunately the dropouts have continued. Now, I’m going to monitor for a couple of weeks but was just wondering if anyone has any bright ideas or thoughts as to what might be a cause. I’m not sure what the next step will be but the open reach engineer did say it may be they run a new line. 

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