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Engineer Visit

I'm moving home to a property that has undergone renovation. There is a line from a pole to the house and there are two wires exposed for a master socket to be connected. These no doubt will be the original wires to the old socket.

As part of the house move I'm being told that BT Openreach will need to do some work. The message received by text message is that new casing needs to be laid for the new cable. While I can't comment at to why this is the case it seems illogical as the previous tenant before the home renovations was connected with fibre broadband.

My question is,

Is it just possible that without a master socket installed there is a belief that cable needs to be laid because it thinks there isn't any?

How do you get in touch directly with Openreach to see what's happening as oppose to going through the broadband provider?


Thank you



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Re: Engineer Visit

It is not BT Openreach it is just Openreach who are a completely separate company from the BT ISP.

Openreach do not deal with the public. They only deal with ISPs who are their customers.

If you are not a BT Broadband customer you should contact your own ISP and ask if they can provide more information.

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Re: Engineer Visit

You will never hear from Openreach, ever.  They will just 'turn up', despite what BT have told you, even if you stipulate times, dates etc., and there is very little, if any, communication between the three parties.  They are a '3rd party contractor', which BT have no control over whatsoever.  Just bear that in mind before upgrading or doing anything through BT 🙂

I can't decide who is frustrated most?  BT, Openreach, both, or the customer?, but I think 'all', as there is no communication, of any substance, between any of these parties, nor will there be in the near future, unfortunately.

I've had the pleasure of speaking with 4 separate engineers during my period, and each exhibit the same thoughts.

Just bear that in mind before jumping in 🙂  It's a long haul.

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