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Engineer not showing up 5 times, no internet for the 12+ days

I don't have my internet since the 9th June, and I still don't get any until NOW. And the engineers never show up once, which is the 5th time yesterday, and the 6th today, I received confirmation via email, sms, or even verbal confirmation from agent on phone, none of them have show up. I want to know what is the meaning of BOOKING then?

Each time they not showing up, I contacted agent via live chat, some of them said the engineers might get stucked some where or not finished previous booking, "I ensure they will show up, please be patient" exact wording by agent which I have printed out, and of course they didn't show up. Several times, agents said that was an external fix, which the engineers will not show up, once the problem fixed will contact you within today, and of course no one called, and the internet still not working. I was so angry and I called 0800 800 150 the second time on Saturday, the guy said it was the previous agents done something wrong, therefore no one showing up (which means 4 of the agents have done things wrong?), anyway the guy said he will booked engineers for me on the 20th JUN, and asked a lot of covid questions, which seems to be a real thing this time, still no one showing up. Then I used the live chat again, and said it was a external bla bla bla.. which is a loop, then I was given another slot which is 1300-1800 today, let's see what will happen.

Would also like to talk about the complains and fault report that raised by the agent, they said the complain will closed until the fault finished. There are 2 raised which I have full record with the numbers, and throughout these 12 days, the agents closed the case without acknowledging me, until I talked with the agent yesterday, he re-raised the complains, which the first one remain closed.

This is not acceptable at all, the agents always said I am a valuable customer, this will be fixed first priority. What kind of service is this? I am full-time working from home, my sons business also affected and had a big lost, and I missed the call from my 98 years Father in Hong Kong on Father's day because of this nonsense. I am going to raise and claim a full compensation through "Ofcom automatic compensation".


List of booking:

10 JUN 1300-1800 (NO SHOW/CALL)

14 JUN 1200-1400 (NO SHOW/CALL)

17 JUN 1000-1200 (NO SHOW/CALL)

18 JUN 0800-1300 (NO SHOW/CALL)

20 JUN 0800-1300 (NO SHOW/CALL)

21 JUN 1300-1800 (DUE TODAY)


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Re: Engineer not showing up 5 times, no internet for the 12+ days

@laichingfung welcome to the community and thanks for posting, it's unacceptable that so many appointments have been missed and I am so sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you and your family.

I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch with the moderation team and we'll be happy to help.



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Re: Engineer not showing up 5 times, no internet for the 12+ days

Hi Neil,

Thanks for getting in touch @NeilO.



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