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External Cable Cover

I moved into a new built home over 12 months ago. I don’t have a external cable cover to weather protect my FTTP cable. I have spoken with the developer and they are willing to install the cover if I can get a replacement. Where do I begin with getting this sorted? 

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Re: External Cable Cover

If it is a new build it will be the developer who arranged for the infrastructure to have been installed, no doubt by Openreach, so it is up to them not you to contact Openreach to have the missing parts installed correctly.

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Re: External Cable Cover

If  you are able to interact with the developer, presumably although your house is complete, there are others close by under construction, and those will be getting Openreach services ( the same as yours, otherwise why post here ) , all the developer needs to do is speak to the Openreach NSR ( New Sites Representative ) , the same one they interact with most weeks , if not on a daily basis, and get them to supply the missing capping ,then , once they have it, fit it to your wall.

Why, if the capping was missing, didn’t the developer get this defect rectified before the property was handed over , plus , why didn’t OR fit one in the first place , presumably they did fit the CSP and Connector Bend 4, usually the OR NSR would notice this anyway, a plot called off , supposedly complete , but with this obvious defect , and get it  rectified .

OR and Contractors are subject to quality audits on a percentage of jobs booked off, hard to believe an installer would leave a job like that, especially the ‘fallout’  , should an auditor pick up on such a basic error.

Its  ridiculous for the developer to expect you to supply the missing capping , but assuming it is OR network,  should you want to supply it yourself, search OR Capping 25 , it can be had online.

Are BT ( and therefore OR ) your definitely your supplier, there are other network suppliers, some simply have exposed cable exiting either their duct , or OR duct if that network supplier is using OR ducts .

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