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FTTC Low Sync Speed

Looking for an opinion really on if it would be worth logging this as a "low" sync speed fault.  

1 year ago at install sync was 74Mbps. Quiet line (170707) is clean as a whistle with a corded phone plugged in.

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Re: FTTC Low Sync Speed

have you just reset the hub as connection time very low?

at present you have a 60mb connection with attainable 67mb and noise margin slightly higher than normal 6db.  have you been resetting hub to try and improve speed as that will have the opposite effect?

your handback speed from dslchecker is 60mb so BT will not be interested unless there was a line fault like line noise

just maintain a stable connection and speed should move closer to attainable

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Re: FTTC Low Sync Speed

Thanks for the quick reply.

I had just plugged the line into the the test port on the NTE (hence the short uptime) No I have not been resetting the hub in an attempt to increase the sync speed as I am aware that this can have a negative effect on DLM.

I will leave as is and hope that the sync speed increases over time.



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