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FTTP Dropping Most Days for 40 to 60 minutes

I'm losing the will to live here and hoping I can get a resolution. I have FTTP and I'm on the 900meg package. When it works, its perfect, sometimes a check gets as high as 1.0G. But... it keeps losing  connection for between 40 and 60 minutes and the frequency of this is happening more and more. Now its roughly twice a day.

When the connection drops, the FON light on the ONT slowly flashes green as the ONT tries to negotiate a connection. There are no red LOS lights. When I have reported this to BT via the telephone, its like I am reporting an unrecognised fault. 

So far, I have had Openreach out twice, but of course when they visit, the connection is fine. The first time they replaced the ONT as a check. Both times they have measured the fibre light strength and said it is within the correct tolerance.

I am now waiting on a "BT Home Tech Expert" to visit tomorrow, but I 100% know that will be a waste of time as the ONT is not getting a negotiated connection when the internet drops, so its never going to be a fault with my router or internal cabled connections. I have been told the next step will be to replace my BT router.....but again I know the fault is not in the house.....

Please someone tell me they have an idea of what could be causing this as I need to get beyond the standard telephone prompts and responses.  


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Re: FTTP Dropping Most Days for 40 to 60 minutes

Like you say, sounds like an Openreach fault rather than in home. 


If you DM me your account number and contact details I can get this in to the right people.



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