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FTTP, I have an ONT installed already, however need to wait for an install!?

Hi All,


Long story short - I have just moved into a new property, It has a BT Openreach ONT on the wall. I have my Router connected up, lights working. However the PON is flashing - is this just awaiting activation? 

I placed my order (after weeks of being messed around) with my activation date tomorrow, told they can see my router and just need to activate it. I have now received a message saying I need an engineer to come out in a month!! 

I've called up, but everybody seems to just say 'yes you need one' 'your router is coming tomorrow', but this happened previously and I waited 3 weeks for an engineer to turn up whom I didn't need. 

Should my ONT be able to be activated remotely tomorrow? or do I need to wait for 'full fibre installation' ?? Openreach seemed to think I needed it installed before... 


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Re: FTTP, I have an ONT installed already, however need to wait for an install!?

The FTTP network is Openreach responsibility, if the ONT PON light is flashing, then the physical network is connected to the headend , but the ONT is not authenticated,

if this is a new build , where you are the first occupant then something must have failed,  as the installer that visited the site before you moved in and provided the connection from the CBT and the associated work , apparently hasn’t managed to get the ONT and OLT / headend talking to each other successfully , ( sync failure) that could be an issue because apparently the first engineer couldn’t solve whatever the issue is , and that issue still exists , and will need Openreach to sort out , not BT.

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Re: FTTP, I have an ONT installed already, however need to wait for an install!?

Hi @iniltous 

Thankyou so much for your reply. 

It is a newbuild, yes and we are the first to use it. So effectively they have installed it with a fault/or haven't fixed it? wonderful! 

I thought it would be as easy as them just activating it :(. 


thanks again




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Re: FTTP, I have an ONT installed already, however need to wait for an install!?

If you are the first customer on the ‘splitter’ , ( a splitter can theoretically connect upto 32 customers , although with OR 30 is the max ) , then it’s possible that it’s an issue beyond the scope of the new sites installation engineer , the splitter should have already been checked for light levels etc when that was installed , the CBT is connected to the splitter, and the installer effectively optically connects the the ONT to the CBT ,they then scan the bar code on the ONT , and the rest is automated, the PON light stops flashing and goes steady and it’s ready for service, this is normally before any ISP has ordered service on behalf of the consumer, and before you move in.

If the PON light continues to flash after this sync  attempt , the installer reports it and moves onto the next installation , it’s passed to a background team to investigate why and resolve, often without a further site visit, but it could also indicate a more serious issue , at the headend equipment, or a fibre routing issue , if the installation engineer only recently fitted the ONT it’s possible the issue is in the process of being resolved, otherwise it will need more work in the network

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Re: FTTP, I have an ONT installed already, however need to wait for an install!?



so since this has happened: my neighbours and several people in the building have had tehirs remotely activated, or activated from an engineer simply taking the serial code for the ONT. I managed to find an email for openreach, and she had the incorrect serial number for my ONT, so i assume when line testing it bounced back as not active/fitted. I've re-ordered my broadband, being told on the phone /activation in 2 days, all good we can see you have a router etc etc.' this immediately has now gone to 'engineer visit needed in a month' what????? i dont understand! if they had the wrong Serial no. surely thats it?

 do openreach just think i need it fitted because of all of the before? I really dont understand. I've been on the phone to maybe 9 people, asked them to test the line/tell openreach my serial number/ help and nobody seems to understand the issue. Perhaps my ONT is the only one in the building which is broken...


I did originally try with another supplier bnefore BT who said i needed it fitted... could that still be in openreaches notes on the property? 


Thankyou for helping out. 

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