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FTTP - Solid Orange Light and Copper Disconnected

Hi there - posting here out of a bit of a panic after I found a thread from last year that indicated somebody managed to have what sounds like my exact problem solved after a mod here saw it.

I ordered an upgrade to full fttp from BT towards the tail end of last year. The Openreach engineer did the property installation on the 20th of December, but after getting everything in place I have a solid orange light on the router (smart hub 2) despite all green on the ONT. At the time, he made some calls and told me it would be 2-3 working days before it would be working and was likely just a backend provisioning problem, and to keep using my copper fttc line in the meantime. He also mentioned that he would register a "light fault" in the Openreach system to prevent the order being marked as complete. 

Somehow, the fault registered in the Openreach system didn't prevent BT from viewing the installation as complete, and as of today my copper line has just been disconnected, with two of us at the property still working from home and the new fibre line still not working. 

Openreach refuse to reconnect copper lines here and are repeatedly just giving BT review dates to check in on the "light fault" which to my understanding is actually just a provisioning issue that needs to be sorted on the back end. 

I'm extremely worried now - BT keep saying they need to hear from Openreach, and Openreach that I need to get in touch with BT. I don't know who to speak to to get this fixed, so any help anybody can offer would be hugely appreciated.

Thread from last year with the same issue:

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Re: FTTP - Solid Orange Light and Copper Disconnected

Give the FTTP team a call in the morning 0800 587 4787
If the call diverts to the normal help desk because they are busy, just keep trying until you get them

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Re: FTTP - Solid Orange Light and Copper Disconnected

Have you tried phoning the FTTP TEAM who should be able to help 08005874787. If you get redirected to CS then hang up and try a bit later

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Re: FTTP - Solid Orange Light and Copper Disconnected

Thanks both for your answers - called the FTTP team again this morning and got a very helpful advisor that spoke to both BT Wholesale and Openreach who both told her that everything was closed and working from their side, and advised her to raise a fault with BT. A Qube engineer is coming to visit my property tomorrow but I'm afraid they're going to be stumped the same as in the thread I linked, as there's nothing wrong with the setup in my house.

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Re: FTTP - Solid Orange Light and Copper Disconnected


Did you get this fixed i'm facing the same problem

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Re: FTTP - Solid Orange Light and Copper Disconnected

Open in a browser, have the admin password for your hub at hand.



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