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FTTP Wire Question.

Hey guys, 

So, I have been having Ethernet Dropouts randomly recently (since about July).  I have tried lots of things like changing ports, resetting the modem etc.  It still drops out.  It appears to be when I play games but, because the broadband is quick as lightning it only disconnects for around 10s.  

I have bought myself a Cat Cable checker and all seems okay coming from the Hub to the PC (or at least the lights all turn green in sequence.  However, I tried the cable coming out of the box in the wall and the 1-8 lights lit up but the G light didn't.  I noticed that the cable looks like the wires inside the connector might be a bit longer than they should be (stretched maybe).  

So, does anybody know what cable the grey one from the FTTP box to the Router is?  It's probably cat 5e but I don't want to buy one if it's like Cat 8 or something and I lose my internet.  Also, should the G light on the Cat Cable checker  illuminate or is that for higher Cat cables?

Oh and I have a Cat 6 cable (because it was flat) and it's about 2 years old.  My Wi-Fi isn't affected either.  It maybe that the loss is too short to disconnect the children's wi-fi usage lol 🙂

Thanks in advance guys.

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Re: FTTP Wire Question.

It's an Ethernet cable, for that short distance it doesn't matter whether it is Cat5e or Cat x as long as all 8 conductors are connected.