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FTTP new build

Hi I am moving into a new build property and I have checked the speeds of the roads around where the property is being built and they are low, under 20mbps.

I was under the impression that all new builds have to be built with a FTTP connection by law. My understanding of the law suggests that they have to install FTTP unless costs exceed £2000 per dwelling. There are 39 dwellings being built on the development.

I know the builders are installing a “RJ45 and Cat6 socket to connect to fibre broadband” - as stated in their brochure. I have also asked the developers for more information and all they will say is “they believe there is a fibre connection to each plot, BT are installing it you will have to speak to them”.I have contacted BT and they can’t tell me anything apparently and told me to ask my developer… 

From my research (mainly checking the openreach website) it seems that only small parts of the local area have FTTP (none near me) and they have no plans in the near future to install the network. 

The property is not in the middle of nowhere, just outside London and my friend that lives a 10 minute drive away gets FTTP. 

What are the chances of me getting a FTTP connection. 

Many thanks 

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Re: FTTP new build

As you already posted you need to speak to the developer as they should be in contact with openreach about installing broadband and should be FTTP.

This has nothing to do with BT RETAIL   You can try contacting openreach but developer is best source

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Re: FTTP new build

As a new build site, you need to speak to the developer. Only they know what is being supplied. May even be a competing network supplier.

If they registered the site with Openreach, they will be allocated a New Sites Field Based Coordinator.

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Re: FTTP new build

Unless you are the first occupant on the entire site , the obvious thing to do is have a look at the completed /occupied plots , in the footpaths outside ( assuming Openreach are supplying this site ) should be Openreach jointboxes , and on the completed plots on the external wall somewhere there should be a grey plastic duct cover , capping and CSP and on the inside the ONT , obviously you won’t be able to see inside but you could always knock on the door(s) and ask , especially given the non committal answers the developer has provided do far , using your own eyes may be the best indication of all .

Given the vague and inaccurate language your developer used , they ‘believe’  FTTP is available ( why don’t they know for sure  ) and ‘BT’ are installing it when Openreach are the network provider not BT , suggests to me that they haven’t necessarily approached Openreach  or if they have they don’t seem to know anything about it .

Looking at FTTP availability for existing , established housing in the neighbouring areas  is no indication of Openreach ‘newsites’ FTTP being available on this development, and although the developer should endeavour to make  Gb infrastructure available , there is no compulsion for developers to use Openreach  they may be using a different network provider.


Given the size of the development ( 39 plots ) there shouldn’t be an issue if the developer has approached Openreach , no financial contribution from the developer is needed on a development of that size , but have they approached OR ? 

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Re: FTTP new build

Hi thank you for your reply. Unfortunately we are the first occupants so wouldn’t be able to have a look. 

I will email the developer again to see if they can tell me more. I will ask if they’ve asked openreach. All they have said to me is BT are installing it but as BT owns open reach I think they may mean open reach. I don’t think the site manager is very good with tech, however they have changed the site manager so I’ll see if the new one knows any more info. 

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Re: FTTP new build

Thank you for your reply, I’ll get in contact with the new site manager.
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