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Faster broadband speed with the same phone line?

When recently taking out a new 24 month contract with BT I was surprised to see that my guaranteed minimum broadband speed had gone down from 17 Mbps to 10 Mbps. I have what I believe is called "fibre to cabinet" and the cabinet in question is at the end of my road about 100 yards from my property.

As I'm still within the 14 day cancellation period I've been looking at other providers and I have been amazed to see that all I have looked at guarantee much higher speeds than BT. Some are broadband only so with them I would have to retain my BT phone line but what I really don't understand is how these companies can offer much faster speeds when they will be using the same phone line that I already use?

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Re: Faster broadband speed with the same phone line?

The speed delivered by other providers will be exactly the same as that delivered by BT for the same service. BT's speed estimates are always on the conservative side. If you are only 100 metres from your cabinet, you should be getting much faster speeds than 10Mbps though.Are you sure you have FTTC and not standard ADSL from the exchange.

If you enter your phone number in the checker and post a screenshot we can see what is available to you. Edit out your phone number from the screenshot before posting.

If you also post a screenshot of your hub stats we can also see what speed you are currently getting.

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Re: Faster broadband speed with the same phone line?

Thanks @licquorice 

Here's the information that you asked for :-

Availability Part 1Availability Part 1Availability Part 2Availability Part 2Hub StatusHub Status

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