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Fault w broadband , no internet for 10 days …

Despite 2 complaints, 10 calls, 2 engineers booked but didn’t show up… 

In a contract & BT  making NO effort to resolve fault .

every time I call, get a different excuse . Average  call taking  1.5hours .

Am disabled & suffering as supposed to monitor health through an app and can’t .  

BT  send me an EE small hub to use whilst internet off but it doesn’t work .  

I’m not technical and don’t understand alltheir many excuses .  I have had nothing short of a nightmare as 3rd time gone down , inITIAL  problems w set up where was left w no connection fro a week. Major problems  w billing and cut off . 

got charged lots extras for late payment  I didn’t know about as fault on their end blocking my access to logging into app.


Just very stuck, desperately need internet , v challenging personal time for me . .. been very sick, live alone . 

I’ve called them every day for 9 days but no joy at all

 promised calls  by managers but didn’t happen .

I add a bite everyday to complaint - been 10

days and nothing happened . Every time I

speak to them they keep me holding and tell

me : ‘there’s not much we can do’

am in a ck tract and don’t want to get charged hefty early exit fees as they’ve overcharged me for so many extras already 

most staff are rude , unhelpful . 

any advice pl? 



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Re: Fault w broadband , no internet for 10 days …

Hi @ali3omshanti I'm really sorry about the fault with your broadband, I appreciate this is taking too long to resolve and causing you a lot of distress.

I'll send you a private message so you can send over your details to the moderation team and we'll be happy to get this looked into. 


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