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Fortnite ping insanely high in the day and low at night

Myself and my family have installed BT broadband around 5 days ago, the evening before we started using it, I was getting a connection to my Fortnite games of 7ms, it was a huge advantage and I was so happy to be able to get that close to servers, however, over the past week of installing BT, my connection has been shot up to 874ms, i know for a fact that changing the server location is not the way to solve it, nor is changing to external sources. I have done research and it is said that the connections can be varied due to *and i quote this* "almost always due to an issue with your internet service provider's way they are routing to our Fortnite servers".

Now, later throughout the day it stays hot garbage however in the evening it turns down to 10ms but only for evening, I would like actual good advice on how to solve it because now all of my games are unplayable and i would like to find a solution.

-Oscar Williams-Masters

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