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Full Fibre Halo 3+ only works with redundant Home Hub 5


Contractor installed full fibre on 04/04/23 left as couldn't get working sending me text later that day "Known issue with Nokia ONT on Huawei Headend due to firmware issue". According to Openreach engineer attending on 13/04/23 this inaccurate as local exchange has Nokia Headend. He demonstrated that connecting to Nokia ONT via PPPoE that fibre OK, so advised replacement SmartHub 2 with Red WAN port which delivered 14/04/23. This stays on "Orange" unless use Hybrid Connect, but as poor signal in semi-rural area so lucky to download Email headers with this connection. In despair setup old Home Hub 5 with associated poor WiFi security and surprisingly I can download at 300Mb/sec. so pointing at Hub 2 issue.

I can confirm that Port 4 Red is FTTP enabled and changing setting in old Smart Hub 2 elicits exact same behaviour as latest hub provided. Openreach due again tomorrow and is he just going to say that sent out a "duff hub" and to try again or am I missing something?

Goes without saying that have no phone service as copper disconnected at 18.00hrs on install day and unfortunately BT keep closing complaint(s) as "solved". Probably I am partly to blame for saying "slow broadband" initially as had Hybrid Connect rather than "No Broadband".

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Re: Full Fibre Halo 3+ only works with redundant Home Hub 5

If you can get connected with a PPPoE session directly with the PC connected to the ONT , it’s pretty conclusive that the issue must be the router , if you have had two new routers , and both have been set to ‘Full Fibre Mode’ ,( switching the 4th Ethernet port from LAN to WAN ,)  then that is odd , but still indicates the problem as the new routers , not the FTTP network, or something is incorrect in the way the SH2 are being connected to the ONT .

FYI , if there was a compatibility issue , the PON light on the ONT wouldn’t be steady , but would ‘flash’ on  and off.

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Re: Full Fibre Halo 3+ only works with redundant Home Hub 5

This may be obvious, but have you tried different ethernet cables between the ONT and SH2?

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Re: Full Fibre Halo 3+ only works with redundant Home Hub 5

Thanks iniltous and countrypaul for responding so I shouldn't be too surprised if engineer just places order for another SH2 and yes I have tried three different ethernet cables between ONT and SH2. It is the BT supplied red ended one which is currently being used satisfactorily with Home Hub 5.

I suppose too much to hope for that Openreach engineer carries a working example in their van, just to confirm whether or not this is issue before disappearing again?

Lastly as Digital Voice not yet activated and my copper landline connection terminated by BT on 04/04/23, is there a "grace period" of so many days before I can claim for loss of phone service?

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