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Full Fibre Not To Four Properties in one road

Simply, the area was upgraded last week to full fibre, even had the BT rep doorsteping me to tell me it was up and running they could take over my Virgin Media Fibre and pay it off.

One small snag, in the whole road there is a run of house numbers 2 to 18, small gap for a rear access road then numbers 20-26 then no gap per se to numbers 28 onwards.

Post Code TQ4 5EY.

Search the deals for any number apart from 20-26 and full fibre 900mg is available.

Search the deals for numbers 20-26 and there is no full fibre at all, maximum speed it can offer is 36mg.

Anyone have any idea what the heck is going on and why just these four are omitted? Three of us are on Virgin Media Fibre so why is there an issue?



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Re: Full Fibre Not To Four Properties in one road

It’s occasionally the case that an area will be partially built , and the problematic addresses left out , to be covered ( hopefully ) in the future on the ultimate build plans , …these addresses look like they potentially were built at a later date than the majority of neighbouring properties, and seem to be part of one block of 4 dwellings, the properties that have availability are probably served from the rear from telegraph poles , placing FTTP CBT’s on the same poles is a relatively cheap upgrade, if the 4 addresses that cannot currently get FTTP are not served from the same poles , but were provided with underground copper service but with non ducted DIG ( direct in ground ) cables , then providing the necessary ducts/joint boxes etc is prohibitively expensive, for a small number of properties, hence the exclusion from the current  build plan.

You could have a look to the rear of theses properties, if there are no existing copper dropwires to them , but there are copper dropwires to the properties that can order FTTP , then that’s probably the answer.

FYI , if you look and there doesn’t seem to be any reason ( apart from aesthetics ) why these addresses cannot be serviced from the existing poles ( there is a line of sight from the pole to each address ) then although the method would change from underground to overhead , perhaps the survey should have considered overhead service, abandoning the underground as the preferred method of delivery , if it seems from a layman’s point of view overhead is possible, contact OR , saying neighbours can get FTTP , but I cannot , they may consider overhead methods if there is capacity on the poles.

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Re: Full Fibre Not To Four Properties in one road

Many thanks for the prompt response.
In fact numbers 20-26 were the original houses in the road, the others came afterwards, these were the original workers houses who built some of the others.
There is a pole in the rear access road that covers the four properties, probably just too much like hard work for someone to connect them.

Your answer was very helpful and comprehensive, I guess we will all just stick to Virgin Media for now.
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