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Upgrade to FTTP

I have recently just finished my self build house ,at the time of building I contacted BT to see what type of speed I could get and was informed I would get between 1-3 mb (rural)so I didn’t bother with it .Fast forward 6 months after I moved in and low and behold  openreach start to fit FTTP so I contact BT and was told that I would need to fit a copper line first then I could upgrade to FTTP.I dug a 240 m track up my field ,fitted the duct and pulled through the copper wire to the new pole that openreach fitted which then connects to the pole that has a fibre joint on it which feeds all the rural farms and properties around me  ,engineer arrived couple of weeks later and connected my copper line .I then contacted BT to get my FTTP  connection to be told that it is not available and I would need to contact openreach ,so I contact openreach to be told that the FTTP connection on the pole was an R100 project and I would need to contact them to get my postcode added to that build (my postcode is completely different from all the other property’s postcodes).Contact R100 who then informed me that I was eligible for a £5000 voucher and to contact openreach and get them to get the line connected .So contacted openreach to be told that they don’t accept 1 voucher and that I would be better to contact the openreach new build portal.I got a phone call from openreach tonight saying that they can’t help because my house is already built but I should contact Bt and get them to follow the silver unmatched address process which I did tonight but I’m pretty sure I’ve asked them to do this already,so I’ll need to wait another week to see if this helps to get my FTTP process started ,if anybody has had the same problem and has any advise it would be much appreciated.


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