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Full fibre depth laid in garden



We have been with BT for years.  Currently have Halo 3 and landline.  Know that its all going digital soon so seriously considering full fibre maybe have digital phone also but not too bothered so will rely on mobiles.

Our concern and what we have seen with neighbours who have had openreach come and connect.  my understanding is you call BT for them to put through order.  Next stage had different replies from BT when I asked before they come and lay cables in our garden it would be through a low level wall in a trench to house a surveyor would come round at an appointed time and speak with us regarding are we happy for them to dig where he think the best place would be.  Then digging team arrange to come on set date arranged with us and lay cable. final stage Bt engineer come out and connects us up. 

Now best part they are saying when order played openreach will turn up unannounced without a surveyor coming our to view the layout and dig were they think  and we do not have to be in for this to happen. 

Comments  on your experiences of this please?

What depth should the conduit be at?

My husband is prepared to dig the channel himself by removing chippings 1st, do we inform BT of this or contact openreach contractors to say trench is dug for them and all the need to do in lay conduit, hubby want wants to fill in trench and replace chippings himself.

Sorry for lengthy script, I was typing as I was thinking.

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