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Get FTTP to block of flats


So I currently have a fibre 1 package, about 50mbps down, and want to get full fibre if possible. The issue I'm having is my flat is a new build office conversion and we were given a new postcode. The address of all the flats are now on the royal mail database, but the postcode comes up as not available for fibre, but the old postcode (for the office and the block of flats next door) says FTTP is available. Surely this means the infrastructure is all there and BT could install fibre into my flat? I've tried contacting Openreach but they refuse to do anything without an ISP giving the order and BT won't sell me full fibre because of the postcode issue. Anything I can do?


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Re: Get FTTP to block of flats

Are you sure there’s FTTP Infrastructure in place within your block of flats.

Do you have an ONT Pre Installed inside your flat?

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Re: Get FTTP to block of flats

No the infrastructure isn't installed, but I can't seem to get anyone to install it. It's like the postcode is a blind spot in the system. I'm just unsure as to why flats on the same estate can get full fibre but we can't in our building, if you can shed some light on it that would be great! Is it best I call BT and see if they will send an engineer to at least give me an idea if it's possible or not?

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Re: Get FTTP to block of flats

Is there any FTTP Infrastructure at all in the Building, a Basement Box, Internal Splitter, Break Out Boxes above the doors to each flat?

If not then it’s most likely just not available to you at all.

Just because the buildings next to or near you have it doesn’t mean yours necessarily will.

The street less than 100m up the road from me has it but I don’t. As is the case for hundreds of thousands of others.

The blocks of flats next door, was that FTTP put in during build phase or was it Retro Fit?

Also who owns the Buildings, is it the same Developer/Housing Company?

Openreach, and or any Alt Net can’t just build MDU Infrastructure where and when they like. They have to get all sorts of permissions from the Owners.

Its possible those who own the Building next door said yes but the ones who own yours said no.

To be honest there’s so many, it could be this, it might be that it’s really impossible to say but from what you’re telling me FTTP is not available to you.


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Re: Get FTTP to block of flats

Thanks for the help!

I have no idea bout the infrastructure in the building itself I'm afraid, but considering how our developers have been terrible thus far I would assume your thinking of they might be said no to fibre as being the most likely option... If I go to the developers is this something they could talk to Openreach about and get them in to do the main building infrastructure? Although getting them (developers) to do anything that isn't a legal obligation is incredibly difficult! 

For context when we moved in the flats weren't even wired up properly for FTTC internet, had to deal with ADSL for a month or so before it became useable.

Sounding like we're just going to have to deal with what we've got then

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