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Help Understanding Ultrafast Availability

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Currently a BT customer and looking to switch to Ultrafast Broadband as soon it's available.

I've put my details into the availability checker and get the following results:


I'm a little confused as in the table, "FTTP on Demand" is showing as available, but then in the report undeath it says it isn't. 

I figure it's just more waiting until Openreach do what they need to do, but if anyone understands this better than I do can help out that would be much appreciated!

Many thanks!

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Re: Help Understanding Ultrafast Availability

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FTTP on demand is a business product and not available  your need to wait until FTTP

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Re: Help Understanding Ultrafast Availability

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As stated FTTPod is fibre to the premises on demand, and is where the applicant pays for the FTTP network to be constructed from a point called an aggregation node to the address , this means the price can vary enormously , depending on how close the nearest Agg node was , even if it’s pretty close, a good price would be in the order of £ 8K , so it’s not something the casual shopper would be interested in .

Not all ISP’s  offer this niche Openreach product ( BT don’t ) , an ISP that does can get a desk based survey to give an indicative price , after that a non refundable deposit of a few hundred ££ is required to obtain a contract price , ( because a full survey is done ) that’s why it possible to have FTTPod available when FTTP isn’t .

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