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Incomplete Broadband Order

Hey folks, I recently "upgraded" to fibre into the house from copper.

The installation was not a success and I currently have no BB.

This was 31st January, since then I have had a lot of runaround from BT and Openreach mainly complaints being repeatedly closed, engineers turning up and leaving without doing any work and zero transparency about the progress, and at times simply misleading information.

I have an autistic daughter who attends a school during the day, but cant be left at home without care and supervision. My wife and I normally take turns at going into work, so someone is here to receive her. But since the loss of Broadband ( and the appalling service provided by ee-minihub) we occasionally both need to go to the office, leaving her in the care of my elderly mother.

Unfortunately this is taking a toll on her health but BT dont really seem to care.


Any advice on what I can do or escalate.

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Re: Incomplete Broadband Order

Is your home supplied from a pole or underground?  If underground did the try and find your ducting was blocked?  Have openreach told you what the problem is with the installation?

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Re: Incomplete Broadband Order

Hi, its an overhead cable.. They are sayjng that the signal is weak,  I live rurally and my neighbour ( semi detached) has fibre BB with no issues.

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Re: Incomplete Broadband Order

Hi @ronboy_109 I'm sorry about the delay in activating your full fibre broadband, I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch with your details and we'll chase this up with Openreach.