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Intermittent access to google pages with firefox


Ever since I swapped to BT from Virgin I have been having issues with Firefox and its access to all google owned sites ( / gmail / youtube etc). I have no issues with Chrome.

I currently connect to the internet with a wired connection from my computer to a google nest router, which is in turn wired into the BT openreach modem (ONT).

The issue is very intermittent, can work fine for a few hours then hang for a few minutes.......repeat throughout the day.

I have tried disabling all firefox plugins, uninstalling and reinstalling, changed the DNS settings on my router to openDNS but have had no luck in fixing the issue so far. When firefox access to google is hanging I have no issues with Chrome access and no issues when I ping google from the command line.

At a bit of a dead end in what could be causing the problem but it is incredibly frustrating at times. I am somewhat tied to Firefox as it is used exclusively at my work so I use it to sync bookmarks etc between home and work use.

Any help would be very much appreciated

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Re: Intermittent access to google pages with firefox

I've had issues with Firefox and Amazon over the last few weeks. Pages would load one minute and then hang the next.

I know you've tried a reinstall but have you tried a refresh of Firefox? It worked for me.

Enter about:support in your browser and then click "refresh Firefox" in the top right of your screen. You will lose some Firefox settings though.

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Re: Intermittent access to google pages with firefox

Tried that, along with deleting old Firefox profiles. No luck with that

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Re: Intermittent access to google pages with firefox

Have you tried changing "Enable secure DNS using:" in your Firefox settings?

Other than that, I'm all out of ideas.

I think I'll be changing to Brave shortly anyway. Firefox has too many quirks.

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Re: Intermittent access to google pages with firefox

That doesn't seem to be doing anything either. Thanks for the suggestions though.

Interestingly, when Firefox connection to google sites hangs if I open chrome and go to google it sometimes seems to 'reset' something which then allows Firefox to reconnect. Not sure what process is going on here, but maybe it will mean something to someone else who knows more about these thigns than me.

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