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Internet Connection Issues

Hi, I'm writing this on behalf of a friend as he is too lazy to find answers for his problem.


Recently, my friend upgraded his broadband deal with BT.

Previously  he was getting an average of 15MBps download speeds (around 120mbps).


When upgrading his deal, I think he was offered and is paying for 150mbps speeds.


However, since upgrading, his Internet has been very weird to the point where (me, someone who has many years of experience with technology and broadband troubleshooting) has no idea what is going on.


Here's how I can explain it to the best of my ability:

From around 8am in the morning (the time my friend usually wakes up), the internet is perfectly fine. The speeds are great and there is no issues.

Around 4PM everyday, the internet works, but doesn't work on any mobile device, only works on his Windows PC which is connected via Ethernet.

Once it hits around 9-10PM, the internet (again) works but doesn't.

What I mean by this is that all devices are connected and can do speed tests which shows they are getting the right speeds, however any service or application that uses the Internet does not work. (This is where is gets weird) Although every service and application doesn't work and they all say they can't connect to the Internet, Disney+ still works.

If he had an active connection to a service when the internet does this weird issue, the service continues to work until he leaves the application, therefore the application refuses to connect again.

BT have sent a new router, and this has not solved the issue.

Originally, I thought that someone had put access limitations on the devices (like parental control), but after checking, this isn't the case.


I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this issue?

And why would Disney+ still work while nothing else can seem to get access to the internet?


Keep in mind that this didn't happen before he upgraded his broadband deal.

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Re: Internet Connection Issues

can you check by going to hub manager that smart setup is turned off - if you cannot see smart setup on manager then you must have been updated to new firmware and it is turned off

can you also go to MYBT and check that web protect is turned off

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Re: Internet Connection Issues

Try a factory reset of the BT hub by pressing a pin into the recess button on the rear for about 20 seconds. This will delete any parental controls and any glitches that may be happening with the hub. 

Once you have done that carry out the suggestions above by imjolly

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