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Re: Is the External Cable always Black with FULL fibre installation ?

I decided to stick with my existing broadband arrangement and put off the Full Fibre decision for 24 months.
A ridiculous situation where I am now paying more for a lesser product to avoid having to potentially ‘argue’ with an OpenReach engineer about where the box and cables go. If only BT & OpenReach had a detailed installation Q&A that set out the limits of what they are prepared to do. Or at least have a detailed conversation prior to installation.
Fortunately I don’t need the extra speed or digital voice afforded by FF but 20% more with the loss of landline seems daylight robbery.
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Re: Is the External Cable always Black with FULL fibre installation ?

As a counter point , I would argue that given the direction the ‘feed’ into your home would be from the front of the property and your requirement for any cable to enter to the rear ( where presumably no alternative Openreach infrastructure exists ) and your refusal to have any cable on the wall , it’s yourself that’s imposing self disqualifying restrictions.
Should an alternative network become available, it’s almost certain that they will have the same method , and presumably you will have the same inflexibility, so unless you have a change of heart and either consider the cable entry to the front ( and not the rear ) or cable on wall ….you may as well reconcile yourself to staying on what you currently have , until such a point that copper pair service is withdrawn completely ( should be quite a few years though )

I’m not sure if you think the majority of members of this forum reading this would think that your requirements are reasonable, and you have a justifiable ‘complaint’ , personally I would wager the majority will be thinking it’s you being unreasonable 

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Re: Is the External Cable always Black with FULL fibre installation ?

Dig a duct, at your expense, from front to rear so the installer can run the cable through the duct to your chosen location.

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Re: Is the External Cable always Black with FULL fibre installation ?

Um. 😳
My issue is the lack of clarity. When I was sold the deal and an OpenReach engineer said they could take the cable round the back if I was ‘lucky’ with the actual engineer sent on the day. They carry enough cable but maybe wouldn’t want to run it to access the first floor where the router master socket needs to be.  They also said they could probably technically even connect and use the existing wiring for a slightly slower service. But again it depends on the engineer sent on the day. 
Do you really think hoping for clarity from a service provider costing hundreds of pounds is unreasonable in 21st century?
I accept I am possibly putting off the inevitable but technology advances may deliver smarter solutions by 2026 or I might be dead. 
But in the meantime the identical broadband, removal of free call and landline and a 20% price hike and 10% more than full fibre  doesn’t feel fair.

But we can beg to differ.

All I was asking was black the only cable option? It’s wasn’t an invitation to invite judgement!
I thought this group was about sharing friendly wisdom and expertise for the benefit of newbies. I am pretty sure that’s what the majority of the folk are hoping for. 

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Re: Is the External Cable always Black with FULL fibre installation ?

Everything is just speculation until such times as an installer calls at your house and can see first hand if what you want to do is viable.

Contact BT and request a survey, which will be chargeable, to look at what you want and after a full survey has been carried out you will not be dealing with speculation and you will have the clarity that you seek.

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Re: Is the External Cable always Black with FULL fibre installation ?

If the house is relatively modern , then it probably has grey plastic capping on the exterior wall where the duct appears from underground, this duct location is ( obviously) a fixed point , the CSP is designed to connect with this and so is normally provided on top of the existing capping , this point is where the external grade black optical cable is changed to an internal grade optical cable ( usually white ) this internal cable is not designed to be ran externally on walls , so either the internal optical cable is taken immediately inside the property and within 10 metres the ONT is fitted , or the external cable ran on the wall to the rear and the CSP fitted closer to where you want the cable to enter the building.

What  you are expecting , isn’t offered , and that is for the ISP ( even though the ISP won’t be fitting the service ) to give you the exact method that will be used , the ultimate arbiter is the installation technician , not the ISP , the installer will , in consultation with you either come to a mutually acceptable method , or the installation doesn’t happen, I suspect any regular suggestion they make would be refused .

As I stated in my first reply , wether your requirements are justified or not , it’s unlikely that what you want can be done OR are not going to provide extra infrastructure ,  the fixed point is where the existing duct appears at the front of your property, running a cable internally from the ground floor front ,  to the rear on the first floor , even if you were prepared to accommodate that , would be outside the time restraints of a standard ‘free’ installation, what you pay per month is irrelevant, some ISP offer a extended installation that increases the amount of internal cabling, this is at an extra cost to the ISP , and therefore you .

How would you suggest service to be provided to the rear when the duct is at the front , without cabling on the wall on excessive internal wiring ?, what possible alternative would you suggest ? 

If you have some sort of Ethernet network provided by the developer, that’s copper cable , and although it may be possible to have the ONT and router connected by using this Ethernet cabling , the ONT is connected with a fibre cable to the optical network.

FWIW , if the cable on wall is the most objectionable thing , have the ONT fitted  immediately opposite the existing grey capping on the internal wall, so little of no Openreach cable visible externally , and a tiny amount if internal cable visible ( assuming access to the internal wall is available and there is a close by power outlet ) then you provide your own internal Ethernet network cable to where you want the router sited on the first floor rear …

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