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Fibre Broadband

Open Reach have installed a white ONT Modem and connected a BT supplied Wireless Smart  Hub inside my property for full fibre connection.  The green fibre cable is plugged into the ONT box, goes through the wall to the outside of the property and does not connect to anything. There is no Open Reach Junction Box on the outside wall, just metres of optical cable coiled behind a drain pipe, presumably waiting for engineers to dig up the road or connect via a telegraph pole. Each time I've spoken to BT to place an order to complete this work, 6-7 times since November 2023, Open Reach cancel and BT have no clue what is going on! Has anyone had any similar experiences? Can anyone advise how I might resolve this issue?

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Re: Fibre Broadband

how does your existing phone line enter your property underground or from a pole?

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Re: Fibre Broadband

Is this a new build property ? , assuming it is , the developer ( paid to do the work by Openreach ) install an Ezibend optical cable from the location of the ONT to the outside wall , when the developer calls the plot off as ready for occupation, provided the external work  is completed, a duct provided from the footpath to the house and interconnected footway or carriageway jointboxes , that house the fibre distribution blocks ( called CBTs) ) are also built  ( also done  by the developer , but again  paid for by Openreach ) then an external optical cable can be supplied by Openreach to the house wall and spliced to the Ezibend internal cable , and the ONT is then authenticated, leaving the property ready for the occupant to contact the ISP of their choice , if any part  of the external work is waiting on the developer , then obviously the connection cannot be completed and service cannot be provided, if these delays are known about , ISP shouldn’t raise orders that cannot be delivered, in these circumstances Openreach will cancel the ISP order .

Presumably you provided the BT router ( the SH2 ) yourself, as Openreach have no idea what ISP the  occupant is going to use , did you order from BT for this house ? , that’s why you have a ‘new’ SH2 router , and presumably were you given an installation date from BT   ? Or have you acquired the router from some other avenue, like bringing it with you from another property, or you bought it somewhere  ?

If it’s not a new build , but an older property that had copper pair access and now has FTTP available, can your  neighbours order FTTP ?, have any of them had FTTP installed, what is the status on this availability site ?


Enter your address details here , and post the results,

you are looking for the part that shows something similar to this ,

Our records show the following FTTP network service information for these premises:-Single Dwelling Unit Residential UG Feed with no anticipated issues.


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