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Issue with connectivity

Hey there BT Community,


Recently I received my brand new router to replace my old one. But ever since I've got this one, there are a lot of cut outs and random restarts. Does anyone know why this could be and if anyone else owning a BT router having these issues?


I've had these issues occurring on my Surface and my other devices.


Hopefully you can assist,


BT Customer since 2012 | Here to help and here to get help!
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Re: Issue with connectivity

Is your hub dropping internet connection with light changing from blue? to what colour

are the drops more to do with wifi devices?  if so have you tried changing the wifi channels instead of leaving on auto.  probably use a wifi analyser on mobile to find best channels for you

what have you tried to solve the problem ?

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Re: Issue with connectivity

Hello, Thanks for the response. And my router sometimes stays on blue and the WiFi randomly goes out. Sometimes it also goes to Pink or Orange. Mostly orange.


I'm not really sure what the lights mean since I have forgotten since the last router didn't have these issues. If I had to guess they mean outages.


Hopefully this helps,

Chris 🙂

BT Customer since 2012 | Here to help and here to get help!
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