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Latency Jump + inconsistent latency SH2 v41 Firmware

( No prior problems for 2 years ) I've seen a few posts about this issue lately around the same time as me and but wondered if this issue was directly my issue or a routing problem.

1 Device connected via ethernet to provided BT SH2 modem. Wireless turned off. happens 10mins after bootup of hub. Reset / factory many times. jittering in games as latency isn't smooth even without this "jump" you can see in the image.

Engineer said 99% sure not a physical issue after testing line and replacing filter and cables including ethernet cable. I've received 2 new hubs with one of them being on older software to try and diagnose maybe the v0.41.01.10137-BT firmware update (same thing occurs) noticed from December 11th.

Noticeable whilst competitive gaming.



Is this a routing issue with BT? can I ask to see if my data can be re routed? Is it a firmware update? Is it a physical problem and maybe another engineer might find something at the cabinet up the road? Is there a problem with insufficient splitting of my line? Please help this has been going on for weeks now 


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Re: Latency Jump + inconsistent latency SH2 v41 Firmware

@Spammy2 You are using a consumer-grade ISP with fibre split between multiple consumers which doesn't offer any latency guarantees, and have an issue with latencies of less than 1/80th of a second.  IMHO there is no problem with your average latency to  If you are running ping plotter once every 2.5 seconds on the same machine as you game from, then it's quite likely that ping plotter could be responsible for some of those lag spikes.  Internet routing changes, but what you are posting is not significant.  Over the last month I've seen changes in routing lead to step changes in latency to a test server here:


But a change of 1.5ms isn't noticeable even when gaming.  The only solution to the problem that you see/claim would probably be to get a dedicated line.
*We are seeing users report issues with additional latency since the last SH2 firmware update, but they're mostly seeing increases to 70ms+

For info on what latency to expect see:

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