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Line keeps dropping out

I am having a really weird issue, I moved to a new house for weeks ago from FTTP to FTTC  depressing but oh well. At first I was getting 74mbps down and 20 up (line speed) it then dropped to 57mbps and 20 up with the latency going up to 40ms ping from 17ms and the internet started dropping out multiple times even with my third party Draytek 2866 router. So I spoke to BT who said yes there was a fault and they sent an openreach engineer out who said it was a fault on the cab with the DLM and it was going into backup speeds then not switching it self over when the main connection kicks in. 2 Days after the appointment the speeds dropped once again. I rang BT again and got through to TJ in Dublin who was really rude to me and didn't help at all. Luckily I had a call-back scheduled a few days later from the person I'd been dealing with. When she phoned she said yes the fault was still there, openreach came back out again yesterday unfortunately when I wasn't in it was my parents and they basically told them there was nothing they could do. So now I'm stuck with internet at 56mbps down instead of the 74 I was getting and a 40ms ping that drops out about 5 times a day.


What is the next step I can do? I cannot even contact openreach directly as they just tell me to go through my ISP... Its a shame when I moved they made me sign a 24 month contract or otherwise I would of went to Zen which I use at other properties and there customer service has always been exceptional.

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Re: Line keeps dropping out

Can you post router stats 

If not on digital voice can you check landline for noise by dialling 17070 option2 should be silent and best with corded phone 

Are you using the master socket?  Have you tried using the test socket with a filter to see if that helps stability as connection dropping is the cause of the drop in speed




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Re: Line keeps dropping out



I have tried the test socket. Openreach have installed 2 new master sockets. I have tried 3 different DSL cables, 3 different routers and still no difference.

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