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Max download speed slowing each year.

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I’ve been at my current property since Jan 2013 and have been a BT customer for this entire time.

When I first moved in there were only 2 fibre packages available: Infinity 1 (40mb with 40gb download limit per month) and Infinity 2 (80mb unlimited download).

We opted for Infinity 1 as it was the most the line would handle and after a few months were advised we needed to upgrade as we were downloading more than 40gb per month so had to pay for Infinity 2 but still only got 38mb which was pretty annoying as they rejigged the packages the next month offering 40mb unlimited but I was unable to downgrade as only upgrades were allowed while in contract, speeds remained stable and when I was able to downgrade to 40mb unlimited I did.

Fast forwards to 2017 renewal and I’m told I will get between 35mb and 51mb and after speed tests I could only get 35 which was a slight drop but this was acceptable and I could live with it.

Next renewal in 2019 it’s 31-48mb and again I was getting 35mb and happy enough.

2022 I renewed over the phone and was told everything would remain the same but the price was going up slightly yet after looking back through emails it appears they dropped the speed again 25-27mb and low and behold I can only now get 27mb.

Why do BT seem to be downgrading my street and charging me more for the privilege? Furthermore I’m not happy that I was not informed the speed was being reduced.

I’ve also just learned that half the street has been cables for FTTP, is this forced obsolescence where you reduce the FTTC in order to make people switch?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.




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Re: Max download speed slowing each year.

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Nobody is downgrading anything or deliberately reducing your speed. Your line will always get the maximum speed it is capable of achieving. Any speed reduction will be due to either a fault on your line or increased crosstalk from other users.

The price of a given package is exactly the same regardless of the delivery medium. Hence a switch to FTTP would be to your benefit, not detriment as it would provide a higher speed at the same cost.