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Move home and have a phone line activated

Why is it that when my mother who is 84yrs old ,  moves home and ask for a phone line to activated can BT get it so wrong.

1st they sign her up for Halo 1 Full Fiber 900Mb Broadband @ £74.00/month.

We then arrange for a realistic package @ £35.00/month only to be told they can't do Fibre and cancel this package - But an Open Reach engineer has installed Fibre and is coiled up waiting to be terminated.

many phone calls later and a survey completed by myself (a Telecommunication project engineer) - i state the new property has both Fibre (waiting to be terminated) and 1308 Twisted pair inside the house and still we can't get connected.

I then have an OpenReach engineer call me asking where i would like the fibre installed at her OLD property - which is ready to be sold.

I have spoken to so many customer services i think i will be asked to the next Christmas party.

I have just spoken to another Customer Service guy - very polite and we have cancelled the connection at her old house and waiting for another new order - another 14 days wait.

I bet this fails 



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Re: Move home and have a phone line activated

Hi @bewick2000, welcome to the forum and I'm sorry that you've had such issues trying to move service for your mum.

Did the person explain if the 14 days was to be connected at the correct address or to replace the order?



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Re: Move home and have a phone line activated

Hi JohnC2

I'm sure he mentioned the 14 days was for an engineer to connect and terminate the Fibre - i could be wrong and it could be 14 days for a reply.

The Service member stated he was going to discuss with his superior and would call me back - i have had NO calls today, but have had another text from Openreach to confirm Fibre will be connected at the old property........ which i have text back stating NO



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