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Moving to EE...

Ok so my contract was up and wanted to renew and get off Halo3 900 I  phoned up and was told it £71.80 to which I said no its £46 something as per the website and I want out of Halo3, the guy checked and said no but he can get it down to £61 to which I said goodbye as was getting nowhere....

So not wanting to leave it there I phoned again the next day and another 20 odd minute wait on the phone, explained all this to another chap and he said that's correct £46 quid he also said why the other person could not sort this I have no idea... so signed up again for another 24 months as its been faultless....

So now I am with EE.... had countless emails from them 8 so far, the 'equipment' is on its way (smart hub plus) though was not told I would be getting a new hub  'with the power to connect 190 devices at the same time' so sounds good...

Signed up with EE and even got my first Bill after one day...

So not sure what I do when the router arrives... just remove the BT one and plug in the EE one I assume?

Any tips?

thank you...

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Re: Moving to EE...


Try posting on the EE forum for advice .


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Re: Moving to EE...

Hi Tomcatuk

I wish you lots of luck.

All my services (inc mobile) were migrated to EE several weeks ago and my account has not been right since.

I am unable to see my account and products online and no one seems able/capable/can be a*sed to sort it.

Best wishes


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