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New BT Line Installation

Hi Folks,

We have moved into a 1970s bungalow and the master socket was on a strawboard wall which we have now removed. It transpires that the cable runs into the concrete foundations of the bungalow. 

We can't dig it out due to the asbestos floor tiles, or the cost for repair, so how looking at how much it would be for BT to run in new cabling to the property and install a new master socket.

I am assuming there would need to be a survey etc, so looking for overall rough cost.

Any ideas? 

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Re: New BT Line Installation

I would first check if full fibre is available using

Is WBC FTTP is available then a fibre cable will be installed as part of the order. Obviously Openreach/sub contractors can only drill and attach the external CSP and internal ONT (for full fibre) or install a new copper line and master socket (for  ADSL/FTTC) where there's no asbestos.

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Re: New BT Line Installation

Quite common for properties built in the mid 60’s to late 70’s to have Direct in Ground Armoured Cable.

Your only option would be to pay for a Line Plant Rearrangement from Openreach.

I’d say the two options would be to either have to use a Cat & Genny to locate where the Cable is on the outside of your house. Do a dig on that spot, cut into the cable and fit a JB23.

Second option, which would be the most expensive would be to dig up from the joint box that has the DP in it and or Track Joint and Duct from there to your house.

Regards to cost, that’ll be quoted when you’ve had the Survey done, which itself is £500.

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Re: New BT Line Installation

FTTP as suggested by @jac_95 would be ideal. But if it's not available, & you haven't cut the original cable, you should be able to add a simple junction box & run new cable to wherever you want the master.

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