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New Customet - Old Router

After some years away from BT my existing  900 Mbps FTTP line will migrate to BT at the end of this month and I have just received the new Smart Hub 2 router that they have sent me.  (I say new because I am a new custom but the router that has arrived looks like refurbished rubbish to me).

Is this what happens with BT. - You are sent an old refurbished router ?

Since I already use my own router, (ie. an Asus RT-AX88U which I bought three years ago), I had plan to keep using my own router with BT but that is not the point, BT insisted that I pay them almost £10 for their router to be sent to me and now I find that it is not even new.

I am starting to recall why I left BT some years ago but now they are supposed to be much better.

I do know that over 15 years ago 80% of Spain had FTTP while Opernreach/BT faffed about with copper lines.

Since signing up I have found;

(1). The Xbox Game Pass System is a Crock.

(2). The "new" router does not look new.

(3). Perhaps,  the speed and he oerformance of the FTTP line will be great.

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Re: New Customet - Old Router

I find it surprising that given your  previous and continuing poor opinion of BT why you joined in the first place .

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Re: New Customet - Old Router

The answer to that is simple in that previously BT is now supposed to be totally different with regard to line speed, reliabity and performance.

To answer that you need to consider why I went elsewhere and that was down to poor performance tied, (to unjustified constant price increases).

The previous poor performance was mostly down to the inadequacies in the Openreach System and the automatic DLM System. (ie. On an 80/20 FTTC BT line the speed declined to under 28 mbps and as it declined, (according to BT at the time), it was always the target speed for the line. - When we moved to Zen the same FTTP line had a steady 54 mbps after Zen controlled the Openreach Engineer visit and a very good Openreach Engineer we had a very low SNR Margine.

These days many of us eventually have FTTP in the UK and recently Zen has not been as reliable as it once was. - Most others ISPs. (including Zen), use the BTW backhaul via Openreach. - Anacdotally, BT are now really good with regard to speed, service reliability, low latency and performance and that is why I am returning to BT. 

I already know that the BT Customer Service is much better than it once was because I have spoken with them so that is a good sign.

Yes; I know that regular unjustified price increases are still part of the BT business model but since line performance is key to us we can live with higher prices if higher levels of performance apply but we will soon find out if BT are now better.

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Re: New Customet - Old Router

This is a somewhat unusual forum in that it is tightly controlled and it appears only positive opinions about BT are welcomed.

Some of us will take the view that pointing out sub-optimal practices adds value while others will not.

I have not yet been assimilated.

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