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New Fibre install

Hi everyone,

I am looking for info on upgrading to fibre broadband in a domestic property. Currently our incoming line is in an unfortunate place in the middle of our living room wall between a door and window, most ridiculous place the builder could think of,  no furniture or anything can fit there even a tiny telephone table. I have linked through the phone points in the house so the master is now in the office (I am an electrician so okay with wires n stuff). Not ideal but gets all the hub/router stuff out they way and where its needed.

I have worked on several new builds which we install a fibre cable supplied by BT from external location to the point where the gubbins goes, mainly in an office or under stairs but rarely on the same wall where the external connection is.

Is it possible for me to get one of these leads and install as we would on a new build site ready for BT engineers to come and do the connections? 

I know this maybe better aimed at their tech dept but thought I'd try and get some insider info here before I try.


Thanks Twiddle 🤙

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Re: New Fibre install


Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers, it has no connection with Openreach.

This forum is the wrong place to ask, you need to discuss this with Openreach, as they are the one that provide and install the connection.

Openreach do have a section dealing with new builds.

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Re: New Fibre install

Ah okay, makes sense, thanks for the link.

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Re: New Fibre install

Is your area currently in OR plans for FTTP ?, if not it may be a little early to be concerned.
How is the current service delivered, overhead via a pole , or underground ? , if you do the ‘Ezibend cable work on new builds , you will know that where the external duct appears at the exterior wall is where the Ezibend is ran to , from the ONT position, so if you currently have a duct that’s where you would run the internal optical cable to , but if your address is underground but built in the 60’s , 70’s or 80’s , it’s probably a DIG cable ( direct in ground ) so you wouldn’t know where on the external wall to run the internal cable to .

If you work on newsites , often the Openreach FBC ( field based coordinator ) delivers the stores to the site manager , you could probably obtain one of these Ezibend cables by asking next time you are working on a new site, however unless you want to avoid surface wiring, by hiding the cable in the wall , why wouldn’t you let the OR installer provide the internal cabling

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Re: New Fibre install

Thanks for the reply.


To answer your questions.

Yes FFTP is in the area. 

House is 10 years old with underground duct.

The reason I want to install the Ezibend cable is the original entry point, where the ducting is outside, is couple of rooms and hall away from the office room. However I can install some more external ducting from original entry to new position under slabs and past our front door. I can't imagine that the on-site engineer would be happy doing this??

 With regards to speaking to one of the engineers on the new build site, I would have loved to have but I was never on site at the same time as them, unfortunately that site as also finished.


But I'll try openreach and see if they'll supply the fibre cable.

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