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New build address issue


I recently move into a new build house. The builder said Openreach full fibre has been installed and I should be able to join BT. However, when I check my address on the BT website, my address is appended with a "_dummy" after my house number. What's the problem here? What should I do to make my address has the "_dummy" removed so that I can choose my correct address to go through the online ordering.

Thank you.

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Re: New build address issue

If there is an Openreach ONT inside the property and the PON light is lit (steady green) then the address is ready for service, but when OR or an OR contractor authenticated the ONT they primarily use the builders  plot number as often the house/street number may not be known ….you ( when searching for it ) will be using the house/street number , not the plot number, try searching for  the BT FTTP  customer service number on this forum and give them a call with the serial number from the ONT , they may be able to locate your address using this serial number and progress your order.

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Re: New build address issue

as @iniltous try phoning BT FTTP TEAM 08005874787 and see if they can help you

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