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New connection problems

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Morning all,

We are having developed some properties on land adjacent to my property. As a result of the new build my property address has now changed to match those on the new development. The developers forgot to put my property on the list of properties at the design stage for the FTTP.

My property has never had broadband or a BT line as was previously connected to Cat5 & a Digital phone system, back to our former office. The new properties are all registered for FTTP which is being done. We have laid the ducting to my property, ready with pull through to the CBT in the road. I have checked with the OR engineers and have been assured there is more than 1 spare port in the CBT.

I seem to be fighting a losing battle with BT, who say it's not possible. Can anyone suggest a way to overcome this.

See attached photos of site.

Any help would be most appreciated. Regards pic1.jpgpic2.jpgpic3.jpgpic4.jpg

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Re: New connection problems

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Nothing to do with BT Retail.

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Re: New connection problems

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getting openreach to connect your home while connecting other homes in your area has nothing to do with BT Retail  try contacting openreach

contact us (

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