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No Internet - Fibre 900


Hi all, I had fibre 900 package installed on Thursday 8th, while having difficulty to reach speeds over 330 it later picked up to over 800. The engineer said to message him with any issues. 

Yesterday around 17:30 my internet died, green lights on the ont with a solid orange on the hub. Contacted BT who said it was an issue with the network, spoke with the engineer who installed he said there was no issues with the network as he went through all the checks with me out of hours. The engineer told me to tell BT to run a fasttest.

I had originally had an engineer out today between 1-6 but as I asked BT to run a fasttest they had to cancel the appointment to do so, low and behold they couldn't even do that and now the earliest appointment is Monday where they're going to send out an engineer!

After speaking with BT today they've said the hub is showing no connection despite it being on and showing a solid orange light. I asked if they could send me out a new hub but they've said I'd need to wait for an engineer first. 

My concern is that when the engineer turns up he's going to say exactly what the other engineer has said and then I'm back calling BT to sort it out again.

I've turned the ont off / on, factory reset it and the hub with no joy. Power / Pon / Lan all have solid green lights.

Has anyone had any issues like this? Any suggestions?

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Re: No Internet - Fibre 900

If this worked , then stopped , but the PON light is still steady green, then there almost certainly isn’t an issue that concerns Openreach, so little point in arranging an OR visit , if the cable between the ONT has been checked to be correctly fitted ( and preferably replaced so as to eliminate it as the issue ) then basically you are either connected but have no internet access ( an account or profile /set up error ) or your router is faulty .

Although unlikely to be the issue , check in the router settings that it’s set for Full Fibre mode , which makes the 4th LAN on the router a WAN port 

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Re: No Internet - Fibre 900

Yeah I've tried telling BT that but they're reading off cue cards and won't do anything that it doesn't say on the screen.

I've already checked the fttp mode via the router and it's on.

Ill try and do a factory reset of the hub via the settings instead of the switch on the hub

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Re: No Internet - Fibre 900

No luck with factory reset via the hub admin settings either
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