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OPenreach Full Fibre Installation

Does any one else have an issue with the way openreach want to install full fibre.

My house is solid 18" pennant stone front. I have no cables running up and down the wall and no drill holes.

The existing copper cable comes from a telegraph pole to my gutter height.Junction box and in the through the eaves to the master socket in my loft. from there a cable via the attic eaves down trunking to my router in my upstairs study.

Fibre install is 

1. Run fibre cable from pole to my gutter height. 

2.Run a fibre cable down the wall to ground level 

3. Mount the grey box 15cm x 13cm

4. Drill a 12mm hole in my wall, oh and more holes drill holes to safely secure their ladder. Not sure how they fill those on a pennant stone wall.

5. Run a new fibre cable up the wall , through the hole into my upstairs study, mount the ONT on the wall

I have kicked them off my property , cancelled my fibre upgrade. Looks like I am stuck with copper. Nuts when a cable is already there at gutter height and makes a great draw wire to get to the loft.

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