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Openreach failing to respond or fix fault

My FTTP installation was due to go live 15th July but has been delayed due to an underground fault.

I have been in contact with BT numerous times to try and get this fixed. Each time I speak to customer services or the fibre team (0800 587 4787) I am told they are awaiting a response from Openreach and will contact me in a few days with an update.

Well this has been the case now since I raised a complaint on the 16th July. Every few days BT calls to say they are still waiting for a response from Openreach and that will call again in a few days. Each telephone call ends the same.... still waiting for an update from Openreach.

All I have managed to find out is that it is an underground fault and Openreach have routed the fibre to the wrong place.

Anyway, today I received a telephone call advising that my complaint has been escalated to level 2 within Openreach and that Openreach have asked BT to review this on the 20th August, so once again I have been told BT will be in touch with an update only this time it is in 2 weeks.

Does anyone know if it is normal for Openreach to take so long to fix a fault.

Is there anything I can do or have I just got to put up with it and wait?

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Re: Openreach failing to respond or fix fault

It will depend on how complicated the fault is to fix and only openreach will know th answer.  The forum won't be able to help and you need to keep calling the fibre team for information

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