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Openreach incompetence



I have been having issues with my broadband dropping off and being really slow since the line was installed 9 weeks ago. First open reach engineer reset the DLM, fixed the issue and then started dropping out multiple times a day after 3 days


The engineer I have had this afternoon has tried to blame my equipment my Draytek 2866 and Ubiquiti WiFi 6 Pro access point.

I have tried using the BT SH2 and its slower and drops out more frequently.  I have a small network switch attached (5 port USW-Flex-Mini) and he then said "why does the BT router only have 4 ports?" I replied with because its a router not a switch and he said apparently my line can only handle 4 wired devices and by having a switch is slowing my network down and a wireless access point is slowing it down and the line cannot cope with the devices. When in fact these devices are probably more efficient than the SH2. From my technical background having a wireless access point is essentially whats in a wireless router just externally. BT are aware I use a third party router and the issue is definitely the line. I have even plugged the Smart hub when I've been on the phone to run tests and they confirmed its not my equipment.

He tells me that the BT router is really, really good and that works best with the line and by me using third party equipment I am "asking too much from the line and thats why the line speed is low" which is a load of lies your line speed doesn't change because of that. When you download a file your line speed doesn't drop you just use up your bandwidth thats allocated to your line.Funny thing is most people I know who use BT ended up using a third party router because the previous smarthubs they had was so unreliable and upgrading to similar setups had massive improvements to reliability and speed.  This guy had supposedly been doing this for over 20 years and said he know what he's talking about which is laughable....


He then left and said "he was changing the port on the cabinet" why would you do that if theres nothing wrong? He changed it and the speeds have dropped even more and he "didn't have time to complete the task" so openreach are coming out AGAIN next week.


Its pretty obvious this guy had absolutely no idea but I want to hear you guys' thoughts on this.


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