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Openreach new install

I have some questions about a new FTTP install:

  • The ISP will request new install from Openreach as I understand.
  • The pole is literally outside my house – detached property.
  • Current (dead for years) copper wire comes from the pole and is above the left side of the house at roof level.
  • No power points where the old copper phone cable entered the hose.

My questions are:

  1. Will I get informed when Openreach come to do external wiring?
  2. Will they pull the wire to the RIGHT side of the house (at roof level)
  3. If they pull the wire to the old phone line at roof level, will they run the external cable to the point I choose? Important to get it in right place for my home working study.

I understand they provide a premier service as well. Anyone have experience of it?


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Re: Openreach new install

Is it BT you have ordered service with ?, obviously the ISP orders service from OR , if there has never been FTTP before,  then it’s a new install, whoever you use as a provider should inform you of the date your service is scheduled to be installed ,  often ( as a courtesy ) the OR installer calls you to say when they should arrive ( provided the ISP has given OR your contact details ) 

BT and OR are not interchangeable, it’s Openreach ( or a contractor working on their behalf) that will provide the connection to the FTTP network …generally they will try to do what the householder wants ( within reason ), they will look to use the existing wall  ‘bracket’ that the copper wire attaches to , but the new cable doesn’t have to then run to the same place the copper wiring is located.