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Please help me. No connection for days


The fibre cable in the street went down on Friday morning and my neighbor and I both reported it Friday. The LOS light on the fibre hub is red and we have no connection.

Openreach came and made the cable safe on Saturday. On Monday, they came again to look at the damage. Then today they came and replaced one of two wires. I had an appointment today and no one came to my house but I expect this was that. I went and spoke to the engineers in the street today and they said to do the other wire they need to send a something 50 form to the council for temporary traffic lights before they could replace it. I got a text this morning to say there was an appointment tomorrow but this appears to be cancelled. I just got another text saying the appointment was missed today and I need to rebook one?? I tried to do that and it says there is an open fault so I can't book one.

I have a few questions. We're in a really dangerous situation. We don't get signal here so use internet phones but there has been no internet since Friday morning. If they're talking about applying to the council this is going to be weeks isn't it?

I don't know what to do. We have no signal for the Halo Hub they sent, no internet, no phone and it seems it's going to be weeks and the text said to book an appointment and I can't do that either. This is getting really stressful. I also work from home and my business is now really suffering.

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Re: Please help me. No connection for days

Postcode is TN20 6HH

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