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Poor & dropping broadband & engineer no show !

Hi, for approx 6 months I have been suffering poor broadband connection dropping connection & slow connection.Several visits to my property have been made by sub contract engineers & Openreach engineers. Several attempts have been made to rectify the problems with none successful yet. Today I had an openreach engineer booked in to make a further attempt at rectifying the problems. I waited in between 13:00 & 18:00 the time I was told verbally & via messages that the visit would be made. Fruitless & time wasted s no engineer turned up. I have just been back in touch with BT and they informed me the engineer had logged with the call centre that he couldn’t make it ! No one thought to inform me. 1st why is there no recourse for spending 5 hours waiting to no avail ? 2nd what can I do to get the basic problems rectified ? The lack of basic broadband has meant for the 1st time in 10 years I have exceeded my mobile data allowance because my mobile has been auto switching to mobile rather than the BT package I’m paying for. Banging head against the proverbial brick wall for both fault fixing & engineer waiting 🙁

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Re: Poor & dropping broadband & engineer no show !

Hi @tonydidit 

Thanks for posting and sorry the engineer booked for today didn't show up.

Have they reached out to you to get another appointment put in place?

Usually, once this is resolved you will be compensated for the loss of service but also this missed appointment.

I've sent you a private message asking for some more details, we are a small team and currently working through a backlog so it might take some time for us to get back to you, but should you still need us we can manage this fault for you and keep it open until it's resolved.