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Quality of internet drastically dropped over past few weeks (under 5mb/s download now)

HUB Type: BT Smart Hub 2

Please note I live in a rented flat with 3 other who use the flat but we have a wifi connection to us through a BT Smart Hub which is situated in the kitchen. (Meaning WIFI is not something we pay for ourselves but through our land). We are also based in London.

Up until 3 months ago the wifi connection was fairly strong. Often times download speeds very high (not sure exactly how good but very good as i could download large files sized 5-6gb in a very short time). However the issue started with the wifi connection randomly dropping itself.

Randomly as in, every hour or every 2 hours. Incredibly frustrating and the BT smart hub physically would just keep flashing yellow/orange until it went back to green. Throughout this entire period the wifi connection dropped drastically.

Now the speed based on Ookla says that the download speed is 5mb/s. It doesn't even reach 10 mb/s. Sometimes as low as 3mb/s.

Nothing has changed throughout this entire period. The BT smart hub is in the exact same position, we have the same number of people using it. It frequently disconnects itself, unable to do most online meetings as the internet quality is too poor.

I have tried the following to fix or troubleshoot this error;


restarting the hub remotely from admin login

restarting the hub physically

reset the hub physically through the back.

Wires all rechecked and reconnected.


The issue is not unique to us, all 4 of us have experienced the same drop.


Is there anything else we can do to fix this? We are not able to contact BT as the main phone number is not registered to any one of us (it is with our landlord).I have tried using the speedtest provided on the admin settings but it now requires us to create a new account connected to the main number so I have used the values from Ookla to quote the internet speed.

It has become increasingly frustrating to do any basic internet activity on my devices through the wifi due to this so  I am now forced tobuy and use extra MOBILE DATA instead for online meetings (which sadly is faster than my BT wifi)

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Re: Quality of internet drastically dropped over past few weeks (under 5mb/s download now)

Hi @Pretish welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm sorry to see you're experiencing problems with your broadband speed. It sounds like a dropping connection issue, when the Hub lights change colour and you lose service it can result in a slower speed to try and stabilise the broadband. 

Can you post your Home Hub router stats and we'll take a look? You'll get them by entering in your browser, go to advanced settings then technical log information.

A quiet line test can also help us understand why this is happening, noisy line faults can cause the broadband to lose connection. If you have a phone connected to the landline dial 17070 option 2, the line should be silent.



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