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Re: Broadband cutting out

I'm in a similar situation i.e stuck on a copper line, this despite being literally surrounded by fiber broadband. There's a cabinet across the road that has BT engineers working on it, but this is so that the new estate round the corner has access to high speed broadband. What about upgrading existing lines? We're promised it by the end of 2025 which seems an eternity away when you're stuck with pitiful speeds and dropouts.

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Re: Broadband cutting out


I have moved your post to this new thread, so you can get personal help from the community or moderators, so please watch this thread for updates.

Copper connections can be both ADSL and VDSL and come via a cabinet.

Full fibre does not come from a cabinet, so if Openreach are working on a cabinet, it would only be for copper connections.

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Re: Broadband cutting out

Thank you, I sadly couldn't find the time to read replies here as I've been quite busy since I composed it.

An update on the situation. After FOUR engineers visited,the last one was finally able to reach the source of the issue. But sadly he could only offer a temporary solution and left me with the knowledge that there's no possibility of saving the connection, and that it will fail again eventually. Same goes for all the buildings residents...

It's not really cutting anymore currently. But my already pitifully slow speed has been sliced in half and even opening certain websites slows it down..

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