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Same Cabinet - Different Products Question

Apologies of this has been asked before but I could not find an answer.

I am on Cabinet 1 at my local exchange.   According to BT Broadband Checker this cabinet does not offer FTTP* and as I am some distance from the exchange my Superfast speed is around 8Mb and lower at peak times.

My neighbour about 100m away is also on Cabinet 1 at the same exchange but served by a different set of poles.   However he can get FTTP at 300Mb.  On the BT Broadband Checker his home shown as having WBC FTTP "available".   

Is anyone able to explain how this can be the case when we are both apparently served by the same cabinet?  I'd be grateful for an explanation.  Can a Cabinet supply more than one sub-network?  While I know from other answers that changing cabinet is not possible is it possible to change from one "branch" (is there a technical term for this?) served by a cabinet to another branch served by the same cabinet?

Thanks for any help!


*The only product available to me is FTTP "on demand" where the cost previously quoted to me for a connection was >£60k...



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Re: Same Cabinet - Different Products Question

Simple, FTTP doesn't come from the cabinet, it is a completely different network.

As for FTTC, it is the distance from the cabinet, not the exchange that determines your speed.

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Re: Same Cabinet - Different Products Question

If you previously had  a quote for FTTPod , then I would have thought you would be aware that if you had proceeded with the order your very near neighbours would have also benefited, by having access to the network your FTTPod order would have had provided …’s possible that someone else also went down the FTTPod route and the addresses that now can order WBC FTTP are benefiting from that , or it may just be that OR have built that particular area for FTTP , but obviously the area covered by this ‘PON’ doesn’t benefit your address , you may be close to it , but not close enough.

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Re: Same Cabinet - Different Products Question

Thanks very much for the replies. 

The FTTPod product does seem rather unattractive.   As I understand it, if you take it up, you pay the entire capital cost of the fibre connection.

But then OR can sell its use to others.  The capex cost they quote to you does not seem to take any account of the revenue earning capacity that you are in effect giving them for free.  This seems rather unfair...

In terms of my situation I think that the area near me that does have FTTP is part of a roll out.  The neighbouring property is in a different county (we are next to the boundary) and I suspect they benefited from some rural subsidy scheme that we did not.  There is of course the gigabit voucher scheme but the next version of that is not yet open in my area.

Once again thanks for your interest and information.

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