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Slow evening speeds over the past week



I noticed recently having issues when streaming in the evening so i started doing speed checks and for the past 5 nights my speed from 6 to 10.30 seems to be half what it is during the day and has fallen below the guarantee speed of 28mb every night ive checked. During the day i receive around 40mb regularly. in the evening ive been getting between 15-20mb in the times stated. 

I did a bt test and ran further tests via the mybt app which then logged a fault for me but ive heard nothing as yet from this. Im on the MIDDLETON exchance served by cabinet 78

Any help or advice you could give would be a great help.


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Re: Slow evening speeds over the past week

Update on this, bt engineer came and replaced my main socket face plate which speeded my connection up to 50meg. But it’s still dripping to between 10-20mb every evening. 

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Re: Slow evening speeds over the past week

So I had a second engineer visit who checked the wiring into the house and replaced some he said had corroded.  I asked him about the low evening speeds actually being caused by congestion but he rebuffed that saying it would likely be the router. They are monitoring the speed until Monday but having checked myself it’s still the same, I registered less than 10mb the 2 nights after his visit.
so it looks like I’ll have to call support again tomorrow but in the meantime is there any mods who could take a look and see if this is being caused by congestion as it’s over a month now this has been happening abd im getting nowhere getting a resolution?


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Re: Slow evening speeds over the past week

 please can you post the stats from your router (if hub enter in your browser) and if  HH5 then go to troubleshooting then helpdesk and if HH6/SH2 then advanced settings then technical log information . 

enter your phone number and post results  remember to delete number

run btspeedtester and post results  must be done with ethernet/wired connection not wireless   do when speed ok and then again when you think poor and post results
Someone may then be able to offer help/assistance/suggestions to your problem

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Re: Slow evening speeds over the past week

Hi and thanks for replying, here’s the data you requested.










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Re: Slow evening speeds

After some more monitoring it seems to happen every night between 7pm and 11pm which id assume is peak times. This has only started happening recently so logic would say something has changed. my setup is exactly the same and ive added no new devices in that period and had a new master socket and some rusted wiring into the house replaced by 2 separate engineers. I am trying to hold off contacting support again as they said they would probably just replace my router but reading other similar posts to mine it seems this is unlikely the cause, if any congestion issues could be ruled out id really appreciate it!

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Re: Slow evening speeds

New router arrived today. Swapped them over and having same issues tonight, speed dropped below 10mb consistently between 8.30-9.30, its gone up to 18mb now at 10.30. Ive tried moving router to a different position which didnt help. I then tried removing debices from my network one by one til i eas just left with my desktop connected via ethernet, made no difference to the speed its still sitting around 15-20mb. 

This is really doing my head in now, has anyone any other suggestions to help me try to diagnose why this is suddenly started happening please?

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Re: Slow evening speeds

One thing you could try is change the DNS entries like Google DNS or OpenDNS on the modem/router.

Do an internet search for "DNS server UK". Revert back to what it was if no joy.

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Re: Slow evening speeds

@woodstockahem  You can't change DNS in the hub, only on the device you are using.

@cmanutd99  It's congestion on the VLAN at the exchange, there's nothing you can do. BTWholesale should be aware and arranging extra capacity.

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Re: Slow evening speeds

@pippincpis there anyway I can contact BTwholesale to get this implemented? BT support can’t do anything with my reported fault as they say it’s with openreach and they gave no way of chasing them up.

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