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Smart Hub 2 Slow Downloads

I have the BT smart hub 2 router and Fibre 900. For the past few months the max download speed I acn achieve when connected via ethernet is around 500 Mbps.

This as been tested on two Xbox Series X, PS5 and two desktop PC that are connected via ethernet.

When running a speed test it usually max out at about 850 - 895 Mbps.

If I use at 3rd party router directly connected to the router I achieve speeds close to 900 Mbps. The BT router always also reach very close to 900Mbps.

This as happened in the last few months and the router as been factory reset. I believe that BT have deployed some QOS or max download speed on their router. Most of the time I am home alone so this is very annoying.

A rival internet company as said that BT overload their systems and this is what happens. I dont belive the system is overloaded because I can reach speeds when using a 3rd party router. However using my smart hub 2 which as been factory reset the max available is 500 Mbps.


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Full fibre download speed

We have full fibre 900 with halo discs and live very close to our local cabinet. We are a very large household with many devices connected to our router. There are currently around 65 devices connected to the smart hub. Twenty of those devices are connected via Ethernet.

There are 7 smart tv’s, four series x consoles, around 4 gaming PC’s and security cameras, smart lights and gadgets aplenty. Also around seven iPhones and android devices such as Nvidia shields.

Every room in our house as wired Ethernet and numerous switches throughout the property. On Ethernet I could also maximise my connection speed of around 890 Mbps when downloading on Xbox or desktop PC connected via Ethernet.

However I have noticed that even if I am the only person in the house the max download speed I can get via Steam or Xbox store is always around 400 to 450 Mbps. This was around 850 - 900 Mbps on steam or Xbox. Whenever a Speedtest is performed using the  same desktop pc it always maximises the connection speed of around 900 Mbps.

So my question is have BT altered the firmware in the last few months on their smarthub 2 to maximise the download speed to half of what the speed is available. E.g smarthub used to download at full speed but now only downloads at around half of its available speed. 

I have factory reset all the Wi-Fi discs and the main Smart hub 2 and it as not improved.

The speed is available because I have an ubiquiti alien mesh system which I have stopped using do to IPTV not being an option but if I disregard all BT equipment and use my alien router direct to the open reach modem when downloading from steam or windows store will get speeds of very close to 900 Mbps when no one else is in the house on Ethernet and from an iPhone 13 pro on Wi-Fi 6 around 800 Mbps. 


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Smart Hub 2 Slow Downloads

@jas20001978 You've already asked this question here: 

The simple answer is no matter what you get from speedtests, you may download at a lower speed due to the many reasons that are beyond the control of BT. For instance with XBOX downloads you may see slower download speed due to Microsoft's servers being overloaded and yes it does happen a lot.

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