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Speeds Limited with Fibre 250 with BT Halo 1

I have Fibre 250 with BT Halo 1  and am around 50 yards from the cabinet.  My BT router has shown a stable sync speed of 320 Mbps for over 5 months, but I can never achieve speeds better than 145/45 (download/upload).  I've had 13 BT Open Reach Engineer visits and 2 new hubs in 5 months and customer services say there is nothing they can do to reach my minimum speed guarantee.


Speed test is being done on a PC connected with CAT5 to the rear of the hub with the wifi OFF on the hub and NO OTHER devices connected.  My laptop is a Lenovo T490 and I'm using the BT wholesale speed testing service.

BT customer has suggested I buy a cheaper service! that is not solving the problem.

I get the sense that the G-Fast service is capped or the wrong profile is attached to the line but customer services have for 5 months not known or are not willing to check this.

Can anyone help here?

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Re: Speeds Limited with Fibre 250 with BT Halo 1

 My Router stats are:

Connection status,Connected
Connection type,Fibre Broadband (
Firmware version,v0.30.01.08093-BT (Mon Aug 9 20:01:14 2021)
Serial number,+091298+2044012448
Downstream sync speed,329.0 Mbps
Upstream sync speed,49.2 Mbps
Network uptime,8 days 22 Hours 11 Mins 48 Secs
System uptime,8 days 22 Hours 13 Mins 29 Secs
BT Wi-fi status,Active

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Re: Speeds Limited with Fibre 250 with BT Halo 1

connection speed looks as expected 329/50mb  have you tried a better quality ethernet cable maybe cat 6 or higher

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Re: Speeds Limited with Fibre 250 with BT Halo 1


Although the connection speed is good, a high line error rate can affect the actual throughput, as it causes re-transmissions.

Unfortunately that parameter cannot be displayed on the home hub, and can only be seen at the cabinet end by looking at the performance monitors. This can only be done by BT.


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Re: Speeds Limited with Fibre 250 with BT Halo 1

Thanks, Keith


I'm now on engineer 13 and hub #4 - I'll mention this to the agent and see if they can check the line error rate.



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