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Stick with BT FTTP 900, don't move to EE 1.6gb unless you want hassle and more hassle!

Well, what a kerfuffle it is yet again with EE 1.6gb package.

We’ve been on BT Full Fibre 900 for ages, and now that Openreach have finally taken their 1.8gb service out of pilot testing stage, we thought it would be a good time to move over from BT to EE broadband, especially for our work needs.

So we called up to get upgraded to the Busiest Home Bundle, the 1.6gbs plan and got progressing through the order.

However, things started to seem a bit odd and alarm bells went off when we questioned about having an engineer around to fit the new ONT box.

The reply was that we wouldn’t need a new ONT box as ours was already fine and it just needed something turning on inside of it.

So, apparently our existing ONT box with just a 1gb WAN port was going to magically work as a 2.5gb WAN port, yes obviously wrong!

We finally got the full contract details sent to us via text link to double check before agreeing and signing it all off.

It was only then that we discovered that the speeds quoted were listed as 900mbs, which instantly meant that they were trying to sell us the Full Fibre Gigabit Essential plan for £70!

So, throughout the order process, we are being told that we are getting the 1.6gb service and therefore paying the £70 fee.

And yet we end up nearly being charged £70 for the exact same service that we are currently on with BT and only paying £60 for.

Obviously we questioned that immediately, and it was only then that the person taking the order admitted to us that we apparently couldn’t get the 1.6gb service and yet they were still going to be charging us the £70 for that service, all despite actually only being put on the 900 package.

We cancelled our order immediately as there is no way we are going to pay more through EE for the exact same service from BT!

Beggars belief how we can be told we can’t get the 1.6gb service and yet it clearly states we can on all the checks.

We definitely know we can get it as our next door neighbours have got it, they too had the 900 package with BT and moved to the 1.6gb package from EE, and yet we can’t get it despite being right next door and having both had FTTP 900 installed in the same week!

Either a lot of people in EE don't know about the 1.6gb service, hence why it's not available even though it is, or EE are falsely advertising the 1.6gb service as widely available to all and pushing their people taking calls and orders to get people to sign up for a more expensive service and yet only give them the slower speed services.

I know that there have been plenty of previous forum posts about members rushing head first to get the 1.6gb package from last year upto now and only getting the 900 package, yet we brushed that off as it was still in pilot testing by Openreach etc.

So we do wonder now the actual full total of exisiting BT Broadband customers who have migrated over already to EE 1.6gb package and are paying out the £70 for it, when they are only getting the 900 package speeds which would only be costing between £50 to £60.

BT/EE must be making a tidy little amount from these customers that are paying out an extra £10+ a month for a 1.6gb broadband service that they aren't getting!

I do not subscribe, so please do not always expect a reply.
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Re: Stick with BT FTTP 900, don't move to EE 1.6gb unless you want hassle and more hassle!

There are quite a few of these sorts of reports on this forum of customers being promised a certain level of service and then not getting it, despite being assured by the BT/EE representative that they will do.
I can't decide whether this is just ignorance by the representative coupled with poor training, whether it's just that BT hasn't properly thought through the intended transition of all BT residential customers to EE, or whether this is evidence of actual commercial malpractice by BT/EE.

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Re: Stick with BT FTTP 900, don't move to EE 1.6gb unless you want hassle and more hassle!


You need to post on the EE forum now, one of the moderators there should be able to help.


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