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Re: Blocked duct - Do I need to do anything?

If it’s a shared driveway , presumably it’s not in a public area covered by the NRSWA , which gives rights to utility company’s to excavate, perhaps it’s  permissions from the owner(s) has to be gained that is causing the delay ( if this isn’t solely your own driveway ) ,

If it were simply the case of excavation on your ‘land’ it’s possible the delay would be less ( but that’s speculation on my part ), but I suspect it’s not simply the case that you have  been ‘forgotten’ , blocked ducts on ‘standard’ installs ( so the blocked duct is under the public footpath or under the customers own garden ) are commonplace and can be done an a very short ‘daily whereabouts’ type notice to the council.
If you could do some of the ‘civils’ yourself , obviously that would reduce or remove the need for OR to do that work, perhaps getting a freely moving draw rope between where the Openreach duct is against your house wall and the curtilage of the private driveway.

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Re: Blocked duct - Do I need to do anything?

Yes moved in at start of October. Moved well away from the office with the agreement of being able to work from home instead. But with constant downtime/signal problems from 4G, my boss is hinting that I need to go back to the office, but the cost of doing so will put me in hardship. There's copper, but but ISP's seem to only offer fibre. 

Van outside this morning parked next to the cover got my hopes up, but it's just Virgin Media doing an install for the neighbour. Wonder how he's getting on!


Edit: Spoke to the Virgin Media guy who rodded and said the duct is clear to our house, so that's the end of the journey with BT. 

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Re: Blocked duct - Do I need to do anything?

Tail between legs time. 

Virgin media came out around 4 times, dug around in various peoples gardens, dug up the same patch of driveway each time and disappeared. I didn't cancel BT just yet as I wanted to see who could get the connection in first. Yesterday, two OpenReach engineers spent the day relaying the entire duct down our driveway and came back early this morning to do the finishing touches. 

They explained that their duct had been cut up in 3 places recently. They said Virgin Media's engineers had done it in order to run their own duct. 

Needless to say, cancelled Virgin Media and will be going with BT after all.